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Monday, August 14, 2006

Remnants of temple found in a Mosque washed out in floods

• Attempt by Muslims to rebuild the structure overnight
• Severe tension in Paithan
• Assaults with lathis (sticks) on Shivsainiks

Idol of Nandi in shattered state in the ruins of the Mosque

Paithan: 13th August-In a 'Mosque' situated at the foot of Nathsagar in Jaikwadi, a wall of the Mosque collapsed with the onslaught of massive floods and some remnants of an ancient temple along with 'Nandi' head have been found.. To suppress this evidence of treasure of Hindu culture, Muslims overnight tried to build the structure. (This is the real nature of Muslims of trying to cover up their misdeeds -Editor)

On getting information about it, the Shivsainiks rushed to the spot and stopped the construction. (Congratulations to the Shivsainiks for stopping the construction-Editor) After police assaulted the angry Shivsainiks with lathis, they shouted powerful slogans in the city of,” We will build the temple there only" .As a result of this there is severe tension in the city of Paithan. In the meanwhile the police officer who did lathi assault on the Shivsainiks has been urgently transferred.

As the waters of the massive Godavari floods receded, the remnants of the razed Mosque came to light. The steps constructed of stones were also seen going towards the river. In the morning some of the young fishermen had gone to this area. At that time they found carved pillars of the temple and idol of Nandi in shattered state in the ruins of the Mosque. This news spread quickly like air in the whole city of Paithan. Immediately thereafter along with the Shivsena M.L.A Sandeepan Bhumre, the Taluka chief Arun Kale, Shri Somnath Pardeshi of the Durga Group,Khushal Bhavre, Nandalal Kale, Shivsainiks rushed to the incident spot. Thereafter the Tahsildar Madhav Nilawade was given the news about this. The Police Inspector Balasaheb Khillor and the officers of Archaelogy Department inspected the site.

While the discussion of the discovery of remnants of temple in the place of Mosque was going on the city, later in the afternoon fanatic Muslims starting immediately pulling strings. Hundred to one hundred and fifty Muslims entered the site with construction material. They started building a new wall after excavating the collapsed mud heap. Moment the Shivsainiks came to know about the construction by the Muslims, in the evening, along with 25-30 Shivsainiks, Raju Pardeshi, Deputy chief of the city Sagar Patil, Vijay Acharya again came to the incident site. Seeing the Shivsainiks coming the frightened Muslims fled the scene. The mob of the Muslims directly went to the police station. Then a big force of police appeared on the dispute scene. The police did a severe assault of lathis on the Shivsainiks who stopped the construction. (Would the police have been so prompt if it were Hindus in this place and would they have dared to do such a lathi assault on the Muslims?- Editor)

About 25-30 Shivsainiks were seriously injured in this. On the spreading of news about the inhuman lathi assault by the police, Hindus came on the road .In every square the assembled Hindus gave slogans of 'Har Har Mahadev', We will build the temple there only' and sent the city roaring.

With his background the Sub -Divisional Police Officer Raosaheb Nalabe entered Paithan.He tried to pacify both the assembled mobs. But the tension kept on mounting. The Shivsainiks strongly demanded the suspension of the Police Inspector Balasaheb Khillor, Police officer Somnath Gite.

Later Police Superintendent Sanjeevkumar Singhal urgently transferred police officer Gite.- (The God of Nature has exposed the cruel acts of the Muslims. There were lakhs of temples all over the world which were demolished and Mosques and Churches were built. Now Hindus at least wake up and fight to redeem the lost glory of Hindu Dharma or else it will never be- Editor)

Reference: Daily Saaamana (Marathi)


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